Poem about LinkAge - John Vickery

What's this LinkAge all about?


What's this LinkAge all about?
Helping older folks get out.
No, they said, it's more than that.
Dances, Zumba, social chat.

If bowling, walking, is your thing,
Or maybe you just like to sing.
Is woodwork, knitting, more for you?
Walking football's the thing to do.

Over fifty five you're fine.
LinkAge info is on line.
Call us on the telephon!
Not everyone has dot com,

Debbie and Tracey work for us.
Organising things without fuss.
They do this work on our behalf,
Paid too much, don't make me laugh.

Something else you'd like to try?
Let us know, what, when and why.
If its funding you require,
To our committee, just enquire.

Sometimes we can find the funds,
Maybe even sponsored runs!
Raising funds is what we do,
Taking part is up to you.

John Vickery - Bedminster & Southville LinkAge Advisory Group