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Welcome to the Henbury & Brentry Hub

Jess Garbett is the Community Development Worker for the Henbury and Brentry Hub, and is part of the Bristol Charities team. 

Jess is based at Barstaple Almshouse and works with over 55's in Henbury and Brentry, providing opportunities for people to engage fully in the community and participate in activities that enrich and inspire. 

get involved


We are always looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals to join the Henbury & Brentry Advisory Groups to help make a difference to the local community. The Advisory groups are made up of local, older people who provide great insight into their community, helping to inform and advise Bristol Charities on what can be done to help build community spirit through activities and events. 

Do you love to paint, have a passion for singing or perhaps you're a keen cook or gardener? If so, why not share your skills with us? This could be setting up an activity or volunteering at an existing one, there is always a way to get involved.

working in partnership

We would like to say a big thank you to our local partner Bristol Charities for helping to launch and shape Henbury & Brentry.

Bristol Charities' mission is to enhance the quality of life for older people living in our communities. We make a difference to the lives of older people by supporting them to live independently.

Our work ranges from:

  • Providing excellent quality Almshouse accommodation with support on site in a safe community setting.
  • Giving to those in need through individual grants, and grants to other community organisations, and through providing mobility aids and adaptations to vulnerable people.
  • Running community development projects for people aged 50+ to facilitate inspiring social activities that enrich lives, reduce isolation/loneliness and promote active participation.
  • Supporting individuals to maintain independence through a community support service. This service offers flexible individualised support with daily living skills and help to maintain social connections.

contact the henbury & brentry hub

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with local community development worker Jess Garbett on 07584 279 487 or email communitydevelopment@bristolcharities.org.uk

Meet the Team

Jess Garbett

Jess Garbett
Community Development Worker