Intergenerational Work

Bringing generations together through positive activities


our promise

To provide meaningful and well-structured opportunities for people of different generations to share knowledge, experience and skills, thereby improving empathy and promoting community cohesion. 



In February 2011 LinkAge held a ‘Visioning Day’ with local older people and professionals to evaluate the work of LinkAge and set the future direction of the organisation.  

During this event we received passionate feedback from some older people who expressed frustration at the feeling of being side-lined, working their whole lives in industry or developing skills, knowledge and experience but not having the opportunity to share or pass any of this on. They really wanted to be given the opportunity to pass this knowledge on but also more specifically pass this on to the younger generations. 

The feedback from this event acted as the trigger for us to initiate intergenerational work. 

LinkAge has 5 years’ experience of delivering intergenerational projects within Bristol. We are committed to ensuring that the work we undertake across the generations is a meaningful and valuable experience for both the older and younger people and that there is a two way exchange of knowledge, skills and/or experience. 

Intergenerational work is incredibly important in today's society as both young people and older people can feel very cut off and isolated from their community. There aren't many natural engagement models for the younger and older generation to get together but once they do, we have seen multiple benefits. 

Our Values

The outcomes and impact of LinkAge's intergenerational work include:

  • Learning - Two way skill, knowledge and experience exchange
  • Community Cohesion - Increased empathy, tolerance and understanding
  • Decrease in Loneliness and Isolation - Feeling part of a community and being connected
  • Increased Physical and Social Activity - Access to fun and engaging activities
  • Safety - Feeling safer in their local community

All these will support the participants physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

our work

Projects and Activities We've delivered iTea4U (Technology support), Woodcarving, Creative Arts, Craft, High Ropes, Bush Craft, Watersports, New Age Kurling, Table Tennis, Clubs for All Ages, Cooking, Holiday Clubs, Gardening, Graffiti Projects, Quizzes and Photography. 

The Summer of Age - This action packed 5 week programme took place during the school summer holidays in 2015 and 2016. In 2015, we saw 765 young and older people take part in everything from Creative Arts and Poetry to Watersports and Bush Craft.

Bristol Together - The Advisory Group was made up of people from across the city who actively supported and shaped our work. The group met during school holidays and was open to anyone aged 15 - 25 or 55+.

Workshops and Training - We offered interactive and engaging workshops for young people that challenged some of society's stereotypes around ageing and raised awareness of the realities of living with loneliness. 

Supporting Young People's Career Development - LinkAge has played a pivotal role in supporting students at local universities to work with local older people. This has contributed to their research projects and dissertations through work experience. Examples include: a documentary that was aired on Radio 4; evaluation of our Befriending Scheme and a dissertation on tailoring community programmes. 

Restorative Justice - The project was primarily aimed at older people affected by anti-social behaviour and younger people at risk of recieveing or who have recieved Acceptable Behaviour Contracts. The Connecting Generations Project challenged stereotypes and increased understanding between the generations through a restorative approach.

LinkAge Bristol's Intergenerational work, has been featured in the Bank of Ireland's 'Inspiring Partnership' video series. The series showcases several unique partnerships from around the world, whose work is helping to make a difference to people’s lives:




LinkAge would especially like to thank Young Bristol, The Prince's Trust, 3AAA, Envision, Youth Moves and various, schools, colleges and universities who supported LinkAge's Intergenerational Work.