Friends Forever Kurling Together

Meet two amazing Henbury ladies… 92 year old best friends Ada & Iris. They have been neighbours for 62 years, brought up 9 children and have never had a ‘mis-word’. They chatted to me about the impact New Age Kurling has had on their health and wellbeing, how it’s never too late to learn and the friends they have made through joining the weekly group.


‘ I come down here and play Kurling which I thoroughly enjoy. It gives us somewhere to go in the afternoons away from the four walls’

I asked what they would be doing if they didn’t come to New Age Kurling.

‘Sit at home and watch the telly and do nothing. Just stay at home…cos we can’t go knowhere.’

Iris and Ada aren’t alone in this. Research by Age UK found that two fifths of all older people (about 3.9 million) say the television is their main company (Age UK, 2014)

‘It gives us somewhere to go on a Monday... It’s a break’

They chatted to me about the impact of being on your own. How when you sit down, you think about things more and worry about them.

The importance of friendship and company were recurring themes when asking Ada and Iris about what they enjoyed most about New Age Kurling.

‘The company and they’re great people and you have a laugh. You see, you play and I don’t worry if I win or lose...’

‘… It’s the friendship’

‘ It’s fun and it’s a game…’

‘Getting out. Enjoying peoples company’

‘If you come once you wanna come again’

‘Getting out the house innit?’

They chatted about the impact of not being able to get out of the front door.

‘You’re in that bedroom day and night…I think I would go bonkers’

‘I would go mad’

Prior to coming to New Age Kurling Iris and Ada knew people by sight but never to speak to.  However, now people say hello.

‘Couple in there..I used to smile (at)….but now they talks to you… They gets to knows you…’

Iris and Ada walk to the Henbury Centre for New Age Kurling together every Monday.

‘I’ve got a walker.  I don’t like ‘im but if that’s all that gets me out I don’t care’

‘It keeps you fit’ Ada adds ‘Well it do. We’re knackered mind when we go home (laughs)’

Iris and Ada never thought they would be playing New Age Kurling.  When I asked them whether they felt it was ever too late to learn they responded with…

‘No. Never’

‘Keeps your brain going’

‘You can learn things everyday’

‘Wiser today than you were yesterday’

So, what are you waiting for? Come and get involved!