Bernard, Stockwood Stroller

More fun than a treadmill, give it a try!

volunteer LinkAgeOne Monday morning I was walking on my own along the Whitchurch Way old railway line walk. Suddenly a bunch of ladies appeared purposely walking towards me, the leader of those ladies put a leaflet in my hand, I thanked her and we went our separate ways as I didn’t have my glasses I put the leaflet in my pocket and forgot about it until the next day.

The leaflet was advertising a Walking for Health group in Stockwood, I decided I would go along and support the group even though I walk with other groups and I’m so glad I did.

Cheryl the walk leader was very welcoming and encouraging; I don’t just attend the walks, I now go out on recce walks building the programme of walks offered and I’ve now begun training as a walk leader myself.

Walking is great for health and mental wellbeing as well as helping you stay fit and active it’s more fun than a gym treadmill. The other big bonus is that the walking group is a social activity, I’ve meet and made friends with new people and I would strongly recommend it.

Give it a try! 


Want to find out more about Healthy Walks in Stockwood? visit our What's on pages or contact Cherly on 
07530 564 332 or email