Ive just kept doing the things that I love doing.

When you meet 90 year old Desmond you realise he must be doing something right. Exercising several days a week in all weather, it’s clear that being active and keeping fit is Desmond’s secret to staying young. 

Exercise isn’t something that Desmond recently fell in love with, as a youngster he says he regularly enjoyed a game of football, tennis, golf and was even a member of a keep-fit club. It was important to Desmond that he should continue to exercise, “I’ve just kept doing the things that I love doing; walking, swimming, going on the treadmill and the bike - all those things I do. It’s not always easy in the winter though, when it’s cold out and it has snowed, but you’ve just got to push yourself! It’s always easy to say ‘I won’t bother’ but I don’t say things like that. It’s not in my vocabulary!”

However even for a fitness lover like Desmond, he readily admits exercising on his own wasn’t as much fun as it is now that he has joined a group of likeminded older people courtesy of LinkAge. 

Desmond is now a member of not one, but two walking groups. “Personally I think it’s a wonderful thing, it’s brilliant,” he says, “It’s a great thing. Also I’d like to say, they’re a very good crowd.”

“It’s also brilliant for people who are on sticks and have got knee operations; it’s a wonderful thing [for them] in my estimation. It gets them out of the four walls of their house, especially if they’ve lost [a loved one].”

Desmond’s daughter is also pleased for her dad’s continued amazing physical health, even joining him sometimes for one of his walks. 

Written by Marcus Blaisdell