"It's opened a new life."

At the age of 73, Helen seems to have been given a new lease of life.

Three years ago after Helen’s husband passed away, she was invited by lifelong friend Margaret to join a group that meets once a week to go walking. Margaret leads this group and little did Helen know that this is when her adventure would begin. 

“I’ve never been on my own before because I was with my parents and [then] I was married and [then] I lived on my own and [now] it’s an adventure meeting all these wonderful people.”

“We’ve done lots of things; I’ve met loads of new people and got loads of new friends. We go on trips…we’ve been on holiday to Holland and boat trips up to Beese’s Tea Gardens on the Balmoral.”

When asked what she thinks about the opportunities that LinkAge offer to people like her, she says, “It’s opened up a new life. It’s made me fiercely independent. [It’s made me feel] definitely wanted.”

And for those wanting to join a LinkAge activity in the future, Helen has some advice for others that she herself found useful when she first became a member of the walking group. 

“We socialise but I think it’s a two way thing; you can go to these clubs but you’ve got to make the effort yourself to speak to people, not just wait for people to speak to you. (It) works both ways.” 

The friendship this group share shows how worthwhile joining a local group can be for any person. 

Who wouldn’t want to start a new adventure? 

Written by Marcus Blaisdell