I found it quite daunting walking up to the group saying Id like to join, but its the best thing I ever did.

Liz was with her husband when she first saw the advert for a local walking group. She was accompanying her husband on his regular trip to the doctor’s when she saw the LinkAge poster on the wall. When sadly her husband passed away, she decided that she would give the walking group a go.   

According to Liz, the first time she met the group they hit it off immediately, within minutes they were talking and laughing and getting along like a house on fire. 

Liz now regularly enjoys the weekly walking group and can be found laughing and chatting with her group of new-found friends. “Everybody is friendly. We’ve got our group within the group [who] we’ve done a lot of things together and also with the main group.”

When asked what she enjoys the most Liz says, “The company. I don’t know where I’d be… I don’t know what I’d be doing.” She adds, “Probably sat there feeling fed up and miserable.” 

That wasn’t an option for Liz, instead she is enjoying spending time doing what she says is one of the best things to happen to her. 

Written by Marcus Blaisdell